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frozen alaskan pollock fish

Model No.: ISO
Product Name: frozen alaskan pollock fish
Product Origin: cameroon
Standard: 1st grade
Brand Name: frozen alaskan pollock fish
PriceTerms: 200
Supply Ability: 5000ton
Detailed Product Description:
Green reolution tradings have been specialize in supplying Frozen Seafood for several years, such as squid, Alaska Pollock, pacific cod, etc., having a nice reputation in this field with professional service and quality assurance.
main items:
squid: squid tubes, squid rings, squid tentacles, squid carvings, squid t+t, squid r+t, squid fillet
others: alaska pollock fillets, pacific cod fillets, etc.
frozen squid products
todarodes pacificus, illex argentinus, ommastrephes bartrami, dosidicus gigas (giant squid)
squid tube
u3, u5, u7, u10, 10/15
tip on/off, first ring off, boneless, skinless, wing off, with/no treated, iqf/block frozen, 100% nw or at your request
squid ring
3-7cm diameter, 1-1.2cm width, clean, iqf, 100% nw or at your request
squid tentacle
40g+, neck on/off, eye off, beak off, with/without additive, block frozen
squid t+t
clean, 3-5/5-8 inch, iqf/block frozen
frozen alaska pollock fillets
latin name: theragra chalcogramma
spec: boneless, skin on/off, pbi/pbo, iqf/block frozen, with/without additives
size: 2/4, 4/6, 6/8, 8/10, 10oz+
glazing: 10%-35% glazing or 100% nw
pack: 10kg/carton, interleave/bulk&
frozen pacific cod fillet
spec: skin on/off, pbi/pbo, boneless, iqf/block frozen, with/without sttp
size: 2/4, 4/6, 6/8, 8/12, 12/16, 16/24, 24/32, 32oz+
glazing: 100% net weight or at your request
pack: 10kg/carton, interleave/bulk&
other specification and packing based on your requirement.
good quality & competitive price!
payment: 30% prepayment and balance against copy of documents;
delivery: around 25 days after contract signed and prepayment.
cooperating with several well-established plants, not only can we offer you good quality products at reasonable price, but also we know the market situation and price trend very well.
if you have any interest, feel free to contact me.Thanks
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