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High Grade Dried Cameroon Raw Cocoa Beans for Sale

Model No.: ISO
Product Name: High Grade Dried Cameroon Raw Cocoa Beans for Sale
Product Origin: cameroon
Standard: 1st grade
Brand Name: high quality cocoa beans from cameroon
PriceTerms: 200
Supply Ability: 5000ton
Detailed Product Description:

high grade dried raw cocoa beans for sale

high quality cocoa beans producing beans with the strongest Flavour
raw sun-dried cocoa beans
a) moisture: 5.5% - 6.2% maximum
b) foreign matters: 1.29% maximum
c) beans count: 91 to 99 beans/kg
d) broken beans / defective: 0.7% - 0.8% maximum

100grms equal 92,17 beans,
cut -test 300beans:
moisture: 7,64%
insect damaged beans: 0%
slaty beans: 4,67%
violet beans: 2,00%
white sports: 3,00%
mouldy beans: 6,67%
typical cocoa smell, no contamination or off flavour detected.

-size: 90 - 100 beans/100gram.
-moisture: <=7.5%.
-furmentation cocoa beans: >=95%.

-storing cocoa fruit 7 days.
-peel and take bean then make furmentation 3 days.
-dry in to the sun when it meets standard.

minimum order quantity:20 mt
supply ability: 5000 mt month
packaging: bags of 65 kg
25 mt= 1 container. or as required.
delivery detail: 20 days max after deposit

contact for more inquiries and specifications.

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